Year of education: 2002
Form of ownership: private
Address: Aktobe, A.Imanov str., 14B
Phone: 8-(7132) 51-36-00
Direction: medical
Form of study: full-time

Bopai Khanim Higher Medical College LLP is a private educational institution of technical and vocational education in Aktobe region.

Bopai Khanim Higher Medical College is a modern promising educational institution that occupies a leading position in the field of healthcare in the educational space of the Republic of Kazakhstan, with a dynamically developing material and technical base, actively and equally cooperating with leading domestic healthcare and education organizations, applying innovations in the educational field.

The history of the educational institution begins on 02/06/2002 on the basis of the AA series State License No. 0000122 issued by the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan when the college at Aktobe University named after S.Baishev was opened. In 2012, the college underwent state re-registration and was renamed “College of Aktobe University named after S.Baishev” LLP.

In 2017, in connection with the opening of the specialty 0302000 “Nursing”, qualification 0302043 “General practice nurse”, the college once again undergoes state re-registration and is renamed into LLP “Medical and Social College of Aktobe University named after S.Baishev”. Since January 16, 2019, the college has been renamed to “Baishev Higher Medical College” LLP.

In November 2023, the college was renamed to Bopai Khanim Higher Medical College LLP.

On June 3-5, 2019, the college successfully passed institutional accreditation in all specialties (Certificate AA0172 dated 06/14/2019 – 06/13/2024) and specialized accreditation in the specialty 0302000 “Nursing” (No. AB 2796 06/14/2019 – 06/13/2024), 0301000 “Medical business” (No. SA 1008 12/30/2020- 12/29/2025), 0306000 “Pharmacy” (No. SA 1009 12/30/2020 — 12/29/2025) NU “Independent Accreditation and Rating Agency”.

In 2023, the college successfully passed the State Certification (Order No. 11 of 04.04.2023 of the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Kazakhstan).

Bopai Khanim Higher Medical College LLP is today one of the leading educational institutions in the Aktobe region. According to the results of the rating assessment of the educational activities of medical colleges and higher medical colleges for 2021 and 2022, organized by the Union of Medical Colleges of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Bopai khanim Higher Medical College became one of the leading educational institutions of the VET of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

For high achievements in the field of education, the college staff has been repeatedly awarded Honorary diplomas of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Letters of thanks from Akim of Aktobe region B.M.Saparbayev, E.L.Togzhanov, Diplomas of the Department of Education of Aktobe region, Letter of Thanks from Akim of Aktobe region O.Orazalin “Uzdik arnaiy oku orny”.

College graduates compete freely in the employment market and successfully work in a wide variety of industries in Kazakhstan. In its work, the college relies on the traditions that have developed during the existence of the educational institution:

training of students of VET aimed at successful adaptation in modern socio-economic conditions;
innovative teaching methods that require students, teachers and college administrators to constantly find the best ways to solve the problems they face;
creating conditions for the free expression of thoughts and ideas, motivating the pursuit of success.
The first graduation of students was in 2019 in the specialty “Nursing”. In 2020, graduation in the specialty “Nursing” — 183 people, and in 2021 in the specialties “Nursing” — 250 people and “Pharmacy” — 36 people, in 2022: “Nursing” — 298 people, “Medical care” — 21 people, “Pharmacy” — 25 in 2023 — “Nursing” — 262 people, “Medical business” — 115 people, “Pharmacy” — 50 people.

Currently, the college carries out educational activities in the following specialties:

09130100 “Nursing” (qualification: 4S09130103 General Practice Nurse)
09160100 “Pharmacy” (qualification: 4S09160101 Pharmacist)
09120100 “Medical Practice” (qualification 4S09120101 Paramedic)
09130200 “Obstetrics” (qualification 4S09130201 Obstetrician)
5B09130101 “Applied Bachelor of Nursing”
Currently, the college is headed by Nurmaganbetova Manet Sagingalievna, Doctor of Business Administration (DBA), Associate Professor.

Great attention is paid in the educational institution to the creation of a modern educational base. To train personnel in the medical field, the Simulation Center No. 1 named after Professor ZhK began operating at the college in November 2022.Ordabaeva (8 simulation rooms), equipped with modern equipment. There is also a Simulation Center No. 2 and an Emergency Room Simulation Room.

In February 2019, the Baishev MED clinic was opened. Having their own medical center gives college students the opportunity to practice and improve their professional skills as general practice nurses, practice skills in organizing care, monitoring and rehabilitation of patients, and master skills in working with medical equipment.

There are two gyms and one sports complex with a swimming pool and gyms. There is also a dining room with 250 seats.

The hostel is located at the address — Aktobe, 76A Maresyev Street. The hostel has all the conditions for students to stay, the rooms are fully furnished, there are classrooms for preparing for classes, rest rooms, a cinema room, and the Internet is provided. On each floor there are household, ironing and drying rooms, showers, kitchen. The territory is landscaped. The design capacity and number of beds is 210 beds.

Since 2017, the college has been providing training in the dual system. In 2019, the first 22 graduates of the dual education system graduated and were fully employed.

In 2019, a bilateral agreement was signed with the Ufa Medical College of the Republic of Bashkortostan, the Russian Federation on the subject of providing practical assistance in secondary vocational education, academic and cultural relations and exchange of experience. Also in 2019, agreements were signed with the Dong Fan Research Institute of Hypertension and Diabetes Mellitus in Beijing, and in 2022 with Rostov State University, Russian Federation.