Parents Committee

I. General provisions

The parent committee of the Baishev higher medical college is a public management body, closely cooperates with the administration of the management and public bodies of institutions, and in accordance with the legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the parent committee of the college contributes to the pedagogical collective organization of education, the effective implementation of student friendship and social protection of student organizations


Strengthening the relationship between the college and the family in order to stimulate indicators and educational impact on students;
Contribute to the formation in students of a respectful attitude to the environment, conscious respect, culture of behavior, respectful attitude to parents and adults in order to achieve the indicators of education and upbringing;
Parents actively participate in the life of the college, together with them participate in cultural and educational activities;
Strengthening of the organization of educational material and economic base and implementation of sanitary and hygienic requirements;
Management and approval of voluntary charity events and contributions aimed at the statutory goals of the organization;
Instructing the activity of the group parenting committee;


The composition of the college’s parent committee is formed at parent meetings from representatives of each group for 1 year.
Members with the highest number of votes are elected by the chairman.
The chairman works on public principles and leads all documents of the parent committee;
More than half of the members of the parent committee participate in the meeting
can make its own decisions by voting.

IV. Authorization. Right. Responsibility.

The parent committee has the following powers:

  • Implementation of effective conditions related to the optimization of the educational process;
  • Conducts explanatory work with parents (legal representatives) about the rights and obligations of students;
  • Facilitates intra-collegiate events;
  • Participates in the preparation of the organization for the new school year;
  • Controls the quality of the provision of medical services together with the administration of the organization;
  • Organization and holding of intra-college parent meetings of the administration of the organization;
  • On the instructions of the management of the organization, the Committee considers the issues related to the Regulations on competences;
  • Drafting of local acts on issues within the competence of the Committee;
  • Participates in the correct implementation of rules and sanitary-hygienic requirements and safety measures in the educational process;
  • He works together with the pedagogical team in order to prevent violations and disorders among underage students;
  • Parental committee in the case of appointment by a proxy or a body of specific powers;
  • You can also consider other questions related to my college.

The right of the committee in accordance with the competence established by these Rules:

Submission of proposals to the administration of organizations and self-governing bodies;
Hearing and receiving information from administration organizations and self-government bodies;
To attract sponsorship funds and funds related to voluntary donations;
Invitation of parents (legal representatives) of students to their meetings.

Chairman of the parent committee:

Utebaliyeva Gulsum
Kartmagambetova Sharara Amangazievna
Sarbuhieva Aktoty Amantaevna
Bekpenbetova Raushan Konekbayevna
Japparova Ainur