The Student Council – Baishevsky Higher Medical College, is the executive body of student government, actively promotes students as an effective direction of study, creates responsibility and accountability for the rights and obligations of each student.

Goal: development of a comprehensive and interesting student life for the full realization of the individual. Organization of systematic work to improve student management mechanisms in a student group, in courses, at the college level.

Responsibilities: The main tasks of the student council are to give the college management and teaching staff a complete understanding of the curriculum in the specialty of each student, being a middle-aged specialist. The Student Council operates in seven areas:

  1. social and political support for youth – external relations with the Public Youth Organization.
  2. scientific and educational activities – organization of scientific research among students.
  3. information message – publication of all downloads and uploads to the college.
  4. cultural majority – holding festive events in college.
  5. formation of a healthy lifestyle – Promotions promoting a healthy lifestyle.
  6. career guidance – organization of charitable events.
  7. discipline – student discipline – control of discipline in college.