Education: Higher
Aktobe Regional State University named after K. Zhubanov

Dear students!

Sometimes anyone wants to be listened to and understood, given advice, given free rein to their thoughts and feelings, and demanded great support and advice from them. We want to purify our thoughts, push out all kinds of emotions from us. Therefore, tell your secrets, talk to your parents, teachers, friends and loved ones, and if no one understands you at this moment, dear young students, friends, we will always find support and help for you! Life is an inimitable time for you! Let’s appreciate the ardent youth and precious time!!!

The psychological service at the college works in the following areas:

  1. psychodiagnostic work
  2. psychological education (prevention)
  3. psychological prevention
  4. psychocorrection (psychocorrection) and development
  5. psychological counseling

Psychological diagnostics is an area that provides a scientific justification for the deviation from the norm of the features of interpersonal development of students and parents. The purpose of psychological diagnostics is to study individual and age-related personality traits, interpersonal relationships. The main task of psychological diagnostics is to provide teachers with the necessary information about the individual psychological characteristics of children. Before starting a psychological diagnosis, during the school year it is necessary to explain the goals and objectives of the tests, collect their written permissions, and hands.

Psychological education (prevention) is the provision of psychological knowledge by the teacher, parents, and student, and the delivery of news. The purpose of psychological education is to prevent accidents in the mental and personal development of a person, to increase the psychological competence of teachers and parents. Preparation of lectures, talks, workshops, parent meetings, exhibitions, memos for psychological education. Creating conditions for a happy life for children at the present time. That is, through psychological education of adults, to make sure that this is the main problem.

Psychological prevention – measures to prevent possible deviations. The purpose of psychological prevention is to preserve and develop the psychological health of children at all age stages. Taking into account each age period, the most responsible areas of work of a psychologist are the development and implementation of ten development programs for children, the adoption of preventive measures, the creation of conditions for the full development of a child through education and schooling.

Psychocorrection (psychocorrection) and development – correction and correction, provides corrective measures for children with disabilities. The purpose of psychological correction is to overcome psychological deviations in the personal development of children, the formation of various positive skills and abilities. The correctional and developmental orientation in the work of a psychologist is the most difficult field of activity. Therefore, this direction requires skill from a practical psychologist.

Conducting psychological consultations (consultations), professional consultations (consultations) – on a diagnostic basis. The purpose of psychological counseling is to assist participants in pedagogical processes in solving problems that arise in the educational process. In consulting work, along with the development of skills and abilities of a psychologist, this requires special training.


identification of the condition of students, psychodiagnostic, psychological correctional, developmental and psychological counseling, prevention of negative life situations.
providing psychological assistance in order to enhance the institution of the family, improve the relationship between parents and children.
improving the state of the team, strengthening cohesion and personal counseling.