The head of the department “Medical business” 1,2 courses

Sagyndykova Lyazat Sagyndykovna

Category: Teacher-expert. Higher category. Teacher of discipline “Pedagogy, psychology”.
1993-1997. AU “Dunie”, higher. Diploma with honors. Economist-manager.
2009-2011 BA “Dunie” Bachelor. Diploma with honors. Teacher-psychologist.
2011-2013. AU im S. Baisheva. Master’s degree in “Economics”. In 2022, he will study at the master’s degree program of “West Kazakhstan Innovation and Technology University” in the field of Pedagogy and Psychology.
Work experience:
1999-2002. Taldyk secondary school. Economics teacher.
2002-2009 State University “Dunie”, teacher of economic disciplines 2009-2013. Teacher of special disciplines AGTC and PCC (economic disciplines and pedagogy, psychology)
2013-2021. Baishevsky Higher Medical College. Teacher of special disciplines (economic disciplines and pedagogy, psychology)
2021-2022. ALT “Aktyubinsky humanitarian and technical college”. Teacher of special disciplines.
2022-2023. MOU SOSH No. 46 and ALT “Aktyubinsky Humanitarian and Technical College”. Teacher of special disciplines.


Treatment is a basic medical education, after which it is possible to undergo specialization: surgeon, therapist, cardiologist, pediatrician, etc. In each course, students undergo mandatory practice in hospitals, polyclinics and ambulance stations. Employees of this industry have good health, good physical fitness, courage and determination. Students are taught not only to treat people and correctly diagnose various diseases, but also to carry out preventive and educational work among the population.

A graduate of the specialty “Medical business” has the ability to independently work with patients, prescribe them treatment and carry out treatment. He can perform his work with patients only under the supervision of experienced specialists. At the same time, he can engage in scientific activities, occupy various positions in medical institutions. Specialty “Treatment” prepares specialists in the following areas: – Paramedic. In order to work as a doctor, a graduate of the specialty “Medical business” must receive a higher professional education at a university after graduating from college.

There are a total of 35 groups, including 5 budget groups, in the specialty “Medical business” for 1.2 courses.

1st course “Medical work” – by specialty: 10th group after 9th grade, 5th group after 11th grade.

2nd course “Medical work” – by specialty: 12th group after 9th grade, 8th group after 11th grade.