Head of department “Nursing” and “Obstetrics” 1.2 courses

Agataeva Tamara Beketaevna

Category: teacher of the discipline “Chemistry-biology”.
2001-2007 Aktobe State Pedagogical Institute.
2008-2010 Baisheva University.
Work experience:
2009-2013 Child and youth sports school “Chaika”.
2013-2020 West Kazakhstan Medical University named after Marata Ospanova.
2020 Bayshev Higher Medical College.



“Nursing” and “Obstetrics” are basic medical knowledge, then you can go and acquire a special specialization: general practitioner, senior nurse, midwife, etc. In each course, students undergo mandatory practice in hospitals, polyclinics and maternity homes.

Employees of this industry have good health, good physical fitness, courage and determination. Students are taught not only to treat people and correctly diagnose various diseases, but also to carry out preventive and educational work among the population.

A graduate of the specialty “Nursing” and “Obstetrics” does not have the right to independently work with patients, prescribe and conduct treatment. He can perform his work with patients only under the supervision of experienced specialists. positions in medical institutions.

Specialties “Nursing” and “Obstetrics” train specialists in the following areas:

4s09120101 “Medical nurse general practitioner”
4s09130201 “Obstetrician”

To work as a doctor, a graduate of the specialties “Nursing” and “Obstetrics” must receive a higher professional education at a university after graduating from college.

“Nursing” and “Midwifery” specialties: 23 groups, including 6 budget groups, in the 1st and 2nd courses of “Nursing” and “Midwifery”.

1st course “Nursing case” and “Obstetric case” – specialty: 11 groups
After 9th grade – 4th group, after 11th grade – 7th group.
2nd course “Nursing case” and “Obstetric case” – specialty: 12 groups
After 9th grade – 4th group, after 11th grade – 8th group.