A college-wide parent meeting was held

🔸 The first intra-college general parent meeting on the topic “Family is the golden core of education” in the new academic year was held at Mrs. Bopay’s Higher Medical College.

💬 At the meeting, questions about the internal rules of the college, projects of educational work and public, scientific, sports clubs, agenda, directions for the development of students were considered. The meeting, along with parents, was attended by members of the administration, teachers and curators, led by the director of the college Nurmaganbetova M.S.

📢 The “pedagogical support for parents” center, which opened in the new school year, was also presented. Information and explanatory work about the center was carried out for parents.

📌 At the end of the meeting, a group Parent Hour was organized on the topic “Bullying and cyberbullying among teenagers.”