College students met with AIDS center specialists

The International AIDS Day is celebrated annually on December 1. This is a day to remind us of the need to stop the spread of the global HIV epidemic/AIDS. In connection with this day, on November 30, a meeting was held with specialists of the Regional AIDS Center Mataeva Meruet Kanatovna, Urazalinova Dinara Gainadinovna and Zhailaubaeva Aizhan Amangalievna on the topic “The problem of HIV/AIDS and its prevention”.

At a sanitary and educational lecture, the epidemiologist spoke about the occurrence, spread and symptoms of AIDS. A diagram showing the concentration of people with HIV in the administrative districts of Almaty is presented. Students were provided with information on how to get infected and not get infected.

Special attention was paid to the issues of HIV diagnosis, information was provided on which medical institutions and their addresses can be used for examination. During the meeting, booklets and information sheets about this epidemic were distributed to the participating students.