Why was the name of the college named after Mrs. Bopay?

💬Our national tradition, which raised our ancestors for many centuries, will be enough spiritual food for a thousand years for the next generation. However, if we do not want our losses to increase, changing the name of the Higher Medical College is of great importance. your daughter.” 90% of our school is girls, and Mrs. Bopai’s name is a model for our students.

🔸Mrs. Bopai is the wife of Abulkhair Khan, very beautiful, very smart, a brave figure involved in governing the country, a negotiator with a kind word. Madame Bopaye was an intelligent, literate, beautiful and intelligent politician. Firstly, Mrs. Bopay is Kazakh. She had all the dignity, grace and modesty of a Kazakh mother. She always had a desire and demand to glorify her husband’s name.

Mrs. Bopay was a perceptive, insightful, intelligent and ambitious person of her time, who applauded the khan’s guests, listened to their opinions that influenced the destinies of the people, shared ideas between them, and participated in governing the country. . This character of a lady who got along well with the Khan, with the common people, the stranger and the kind, was respected by both young and old. Thus, he raised the prestige of the khan and increased his honor.

📌Mrs. Bopay is truly a proud historical figure.