Within the framework of the CMC association “General education, socio-economic disciplines”, a knowledge contest “Qyzyq eken…” was held in the discipline “Kazakh language”

On December 11 of this year, within the framework of the decade of the CMC Association” General professional education, socio-economic disciplines”, a contest of intellectual education” interesting ” was held among 1st year students, organized by the teacher of the Kazakh language and literature Kuanyshbayev D. A.

The purpose of the event: to monitor the general level of knowledge, language and cognitive knowledge of students, to determine the winners. The development of independent thinking and cognitive abilities of students, increasing the desire for knowledge, activity. Strengthening students ‘ confidence in their knowledge, fostering self-esteem, the ability to overcome difficulties.

Students of Group 104 “Nursing” and group 110 “Medical” took part in the competition. According to the results of the competition, the winner was group 104 “nursing”. The winners were awarded special cups and letters of thanks, diplomas.